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LakeApp - free application for boat schedules, villas, gardens, cities, beaches, walking trails and more. Covers all of Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano.
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We are currently looking for sales representatives on each of our four lakes. Your job will be sales of LakeApp Advertisements and the continuous promotion of all LakeApp activities.


LakeApp offers innovative and relevant advertising solutions to the retail and service industry surrounding the lakes. Our approach to marketing is unprecedented and game-changing, and we are currently looking for dedicated, patient and trustworthy persons, who will join the LakeApp Team.

LakeApp Advertisements favors all our advertisers equally, regardless of size and marketing budget. It levels the playing field and gives a small company the exact same advantages as it’s bigger competitors. LakeApp accomplishes this while boosting the free promotion of all tourism around the lakes. LakeApp is uniquely qualified to reach out and provide relevant and timely information to tourists and locals alike.

Your job as a LakeApp Sales Representative is to inform local businesses about the many advantages of LakeApp Advertising. You will be expected to work highly independently, while growing your network within the more than 7000 businesses found in the retail and service industries around the lakes.

We are looking for both part time and full time sales representatives, working on sales commissions. You working hours will be flexible and you can decide which hours and days will be best suited to accomplish your sales goals.

Before applying we strongly urge you to visit our Advertise section to familiarize yourself with our innovative and unique solutions for advertising.

All job applications should be sent to, which we will answer within 24 hours.


July 2016

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