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1. These conditions shall apply to all advertisements, insets, inserts, sponsored articles or features (herewith referred to as advertisements) accepted for inclusion in the LakeApp application under license from LakeApp. Any other proposed condition shall be void unless incorporated clearly in written instructions and specifically accepted by LakeApp.

2. All advertisements are accepted subject to LakeApp approval of the digital copy and to the space being available.

3. LakeApp reserves the right to omit or suspend an advertisement at any time for good reason, in which case no claim on the part of any Advertiser for damage or breach of contract shall arise. Should such omission or suspension be due to the act or default of the Advertiser or his servants or agents then the space reserved for the advertisement shall be paid in full notwithstanding that the advertisement has not appeared. Such omission or suspension shall be notified to the Advertiser as soon as possible.

4. If LakeApp considers it necessary to modify the space or alter the date of position of insertion or make any other alteration, the Advertiser will have the right to cancel if the alterations requested are unacceptable, unless such changes are due to an emergency or circumstances beyond the control of LakeApp. Every care is taken to avoid mistakes but LakeApp cannot accept liability from any loss arising from the late appearance or non published advertisement.

5. The Advertiser warrants that the advertisement is not illegal, defamatory, an infringement of any other party’s rights or an infringement of the Code of Advertising Practice.

6. The Advertiser will indemnify LakeApp fully in respect of any claim made against LakeApp arising from the advertisement. LakeApp will consult the Advertiser as to the way in which such claims are to be handled.

7. Advertisement rates are subject to revision at any time and orders are accepted on condition that the price binds LakeApp only in respect of the concurrent rates. At all times, all current rates are available on the LakeApp website.

8. If the Advertiser cancels the balance of an agreed program of advertisements, except in the circumstances set out in clauses above, it relinquishes any right to a pre-agreed series discount to which it was previously entitled and advertisements forming part of such program (both those published on LakeApp and those not yet published) will be paid for at the appropriate rate set out in the rate card from time to time.

9. LakeApp reserves the right to recover all additional costs incurred that arise as a result of the acts or defaults of the Advertiser or its Agent. Complaints regarding publication of advertisements must be received by LakeApp in writing within one calendar month of the cover date.

10. At least 8 days notice written prior to copy date is required to stop, cancel or suspend an upload to LakeApp. After this date the Advertiser will be liable to pay the full rate for the insertion.

11. These Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the current laws. Any dispute concerning these Conditions (including non-contractual disputes) shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions, the practices of LakeApp advertising or your dealings with this site, please contact us.

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